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What are CBD affiliate programs? • CANNAFFI

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the fastest growing industries. Today, we’ll discuss CBD affiliate marketing programs, what a CBD affiliate program is, and review current programs available.  But first let me tell you about the CBD market.


The CBD market is expected to grow by 700% by 2020 with the passing of the 2018 farm bill that legalized industrial hemp and hemp extracts like CBD. Even with the passage of the bill and legalization of recreational marijuana becoming a reality in more states every year, the FDA and the federal government are still not on board as of yet despite the fact that CBD has now been removed from the list of Schedule I drugs.


The laws surrounding CBD products are still very much in the hands of the individual states. While the farm bill does protect the hemp farmers, it fails to address the distribution of the end products. To say that the regulations are hazy does not even begin to cover the gray area that CBD products reside under. The FDA has approved Epidiolex, a form of cannabidiol, that will be legally used to treat Lennox-Gestaut syndrome and Dravet Syndrome, two serious and rare types of Epilepsy. Epidiolex is the first approved treatment for Dravet Syndrome, according to the FDA.


While there are numerous stories, blog posts, testimonials of the effectiveness of CBD products, according to the FDA, there is no irrefutable evidence of these results that some might consider no less than miraculous. Still, new products come out every day touting the next best thing to treating chronic pain, cancer, aging, dementia, etc. Despite the FDA’s failure to recognize CBD in the manner it deserves, there is still a large percentage of the population that gets relief from these products and uses them regularly.


Despite the continuing risks related to the federal government, the CBD industry is projected to exceed $22 billion by 2022. The privileges enjoyed by the CBD industry due to the absence or near-absence of THC in the product has positioned the industry quite favorably for standard marketing techniques.


The digital age and growth in numbers of blogs and websites have not escaped the attention of marketing professionals, and a number of CBD affiliate marketing firms have taken hold and are thriving. With the point-and-click impulse buys made possible with affiliate marketing, the industry should enjoy further growth as these marketing firms become more popular.


It is important to remember that while they both come from cannabis plants, CBD and THC are quite different from each other. Their molecular structure is almost identical with the difference lying in one atom. That single atom gives THC the psychoactive factor that gives the ‘high’ typical of marijuana. CBD does not have this psychoactive factor, so there is no ‘high’ involved with CBD products.

While both THC and CBD have proven health qualities, CBD is actually extracted from hemp. While hemp is a breed of the cannabis plant, it tends to be absent of any notable THC levels. CBD products are required to have no more than .03% THC.

Many CBD products are currently offered in stores and dispensaries, regulations are now such that the online CBD business is growing rapidly with little signs of the industry slowing down.

What are CBD Affiliate Programs?

An affiliate program is a performance-based marketing effort whereby a business is connected to the consumer in an environment that has a shared interest in the product. CBD affiliate programs are marketing efforts that are solely dedicated to the sales of CBD products. These programs target websites and blogs with large followings that can provide customers to CBD companies. This highly successful branch of e-commerce allows for impulse buys as potential customers see the ads on their favorite blogs, websites, or social media. All they have to do is click on the link to be routed to the website selling the CBD products. With affiliate program marketing, the owner of the blog or website makes a commission on every sale that originated from their site.

How to Make Money With CBD Affiliate Programs

Since the CBD industry is experiencing such rapid growth, it only makes sense that those whose sites advertise CBD products should make high profits from their affiliate program. The site or blog owner gets a commission of on average 15% to 20% of each sale made to their site visitors. Most affiliate programs require a large following of at least 10,000 potential customers for a blog or website to be cleared to advertise their products.

How to Sign Up And Get Paid

Due to the risk factors with the federal government, affiliate programs within the CBD industry are very picky as to what qualifies a site for their advertisement and thus their site owner for their commission payments. If you pass their stringent requirements, usually number of followers or website visits per month, then you are a short application and approval process away from making commission off of your own customers or readers. You must be prepared with data analytics proving your visitor statistics.

Most affiliate programs pay monthly although a few will pay more frequently. There is always a period of time between the actual order being placed and when a commission is paid. This allows for returns for refund, lack of customer satisfaction, or any other factor that might interfere with the company receiving their money for the sale.

Getting Started as a CBD Affiliate

The basic process for getting started as an affiliate is as follows:

  1. Do your homework. Find the CBD business that best aligns with you and your followers.
  2. Apply to become an affiliate with the business you have determined is the best fit. The application process is free, but each program has different requirements. Be prepared to tell the company how you plan to promote their products.
  3. Once your application is accepted, you will be issued a specific link to their affiliate program. This link is placed on your blog, channel, social media site, etc.
  4. Your visitors will click on the link you provide.
  5. Through tracking programs involving cookies, your visitor does not even need to place an order on their first visit to the site. Each subsequent visit will be tracked and you can earn commission on any and all purchases they make.

Ten CBD Affiliate Opportunities

Of the numerous CBD affiliates available, here are ten that look promising due to the quality of their products, reviews, etc.

No Borders Naturals

No Borders Naturals claims to be the highest quality lab tested CBD. They also claim to be the fastest growing hemp brand. They state that their products will “speed recovery, reduce tension, and improve focus.” Their products include edibles, oils, topicals, and a line for pet care.

They offer a 20% commission on verified sales. No data are available on length of time they have cookies on the customer. No data are available as to when commission is paid following a verified purchase.

No Borders Naturals has only been in business since December 2018. They are a subsidiary of No Borders LLC which is dedicated to health and wellness. Their mission is wellness without borders.

Natural Stacks

Natural Stacks has products that focus on the mental clarity aspect of CBD. They are committed to transparency and their motto is ‘Build Better Brains’. Their affiliate program is known as their ‘Optimizer Program’. They claim to be the world’s first open-source supplement company.

They offer a 25% commission on verified sales. They maintain cookies on the customers for 14 days following the first visit. They request that all applicants provide a URL of their website or a description of their traffic source.


Hemplucid touts their whole plant formulation in their products which allows them to use several different cannabinoids. Their line of products include edibles, tinctures, oils, pills, and a line of pet products.

Hemplucid offers 20% commissions and monthly payouts. Payouts will be automatic once you surpass the $20 minimum in commissions. There is no statement regarding the length that cookies remain in place.

Glori Blends

Glori Blends is a natural non-GMO organic CBD company. They are committed to “healing the planet through hemp.” There is little information on their site regarding the affiliate program. The only discussion on commission comes in the form of the $20 minimum to get paid, and that payments are monthly.

Star West Botanicals

Star West Botanicals has been in the natural herb business since 1975. It was only natural for them to get into the CBD industry. With over 3,000 products, an affiliate program relationship with them could become quite lucrative. Star West Botanicals partners with Shareasale which is one of the top affiliate networks.

Star West Botanicals pay 15% commission and have a 60-day cookie duration. They state that they have easy return policies, competitive pricing, and guarantee their products. They do not allow coupon or incentive sites. They specialize in bulk and organic herbs and spices. They have a large selection of essential oils and aromatherapy supplies. They do require that you become a member of Shareasale before they will accept you in their affiliate program.


HempMeds was the very first mainstream hemp oil distributor. Their motto is ‘your trusted CBD source.’ They were established in 2012. They offer 24-hour access to your statistics and reports on traffic, sales, account balance, and general performance. Their pricing is competitive. They support an organization called ECHO (Education, Collaboration, Hope) which provides CBD to families who have found themselves in extenuating circumstances. They boast having over 100,000 customers.

They pay a 15% commission. Payouts come monthly as long as you have a $100 minimum balance. Cookie duration is not listed at this time.

Pure Hemp Botanicals

Pure Hemp Botanicals focuses on raising awareness and always practicing ‘compassion in action.’ They donate a percentage of every sale to one of the charities who has proven themselves compassionate. All of their products are whole-plant, which incorporates more cannabinoids. Their business philosophy is based on “compassion above profit and communication above productivity.”

Their commissions are based on the total amount of sales that come from your affiliate link. You will earn 15% commission on sales totals from $0 to $3,749; 18% commission on $3,750 to $7,499; 21% commission on sales totals $7,500 to $14,999; and 25% commission on sales totaling $15,000 or more. Payouts are the 10th of every month as long as you have a $100 minimum.  Your commission on a sale will come 33 days following the sale.


Endoca has a primary focus on research. They want to make their hemp products available worldwide. Their belief is that Cannabinoids are the key to putting our bodies into a naturally balanced state. Their products are 100% organic and they use a CO2 extraction system. The products offered are produced under pharmaceutical oversight, and lab tested. They set industry standards when it comes to technology and product testing. And they have even received awards from the United Nations (UN) for resource efficiency and their clean production methods.

Endoca is one of the few affiliate programs that allows you to offer a 10% discount to your clients or followers. Referrals are rewarded with 5% of their sales. They pay on the 15th of every month, but their commission structure is not listed.

Hemp Bombs

HempBombs is one of the best affiliate programs. They pay weekly, and they have two structures. They are very strict about what companies they are willing to do business with. They observe and gather data on your website or blog, noting the levels of activity, number of followers, the longevity of your site, and whether you are knowledgeable about their industry. Those who pass this stringent examination will be able to earn 20% commission from the beginning. If your website is a newer one or they don’t feel that you are quite knowledgeable enough yet you can earn a 10% commission until the applicant proves their worth and receives a higher commission.

Hempbombs has a 30-day cookie duration. The weekly pay covers the previous 7 days of sales. They use the PayPal system for your commission payment. They are extremely selective when it comes to choosing affiliates. They want websites that are relevant to their product and the industry. They don’t want to see spam.

Hempbombs CBD Vape

The second Hempbombs affiliate program is their CBD E-Liquid. For this program, there is a 30-day cookie duration, a 20% commission, and high conversion rates. They are highly respected in the vaping community. They pay every Friday.

Their affiliate area gives you your statistics, referrals, visits, payouts, and graphs. They also supply you with banner ads and your affiliate link.    

To pre-register for our cannabis affiliate network platform as a either an affiliate or advertiser please click on the links below.

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CBD Affiliate Programs

Top CBD affiliate programs to Join • CANNAFFI

CBD Affiliate marketing is trending because this kind of sales model can be lucrative for both the CBD affiliate and the CBD retailer alike. CBD, or cannabidiol, product affiliates help to maximize the exposure of this relatively new natural compound that comes directly from the hemp plant. Although it has not been on the market for very long, CBD already enjoys significant popularity with customers who value its soothing, calming effects and health benefits. Today, we will cover what CBD affiliate programs are about. 

How CBD Affiliate Programs Work

As a CBD affiliate, you act as a go-between, linking the CBD manufacturer’s products and the customer to generate sales. You do not have to concern yourself with the manufacturing, testing or maintaining an inventory of products; the manufacturer takes care of that. CBD affiliates receive a percentage of the sales they broker as a commission, and the manufacturer gains new customers and expands marketing outreach, so CBD affiliate programs are lucrative all around.

Customer experience is no different

For customers, purchasing CBD products through an affiliate like you does not cost more than dealing directly with the manufacturer, and buying from an affiliate is often more convenient than searching for specific items online, especially when purchasing a variety of items. Also, many people feel more comfortable doing business with a company that you, as someone they know, recommended via a link on your social media site. This trust is likely to result in higher sales commissions for you.

Current CBD Affiliate Marketing Programs

Looking for a lucrative opportunity with the best CBD affiliate programs? Click to explore how to get started with CBD’s biggest brands!

Green Flower Botanicals

Green Flower Botanicals is dedicated to providing customers with a safe, natural alternative to prescription and over-the-counter drugs, which may contain harsh chemicals. In keeping with the long tradition of herbal remedies, Green Flower Botanicals promotes nature as the best resource for healing.

Product Line

This company’s product line includes strain-specific, full spectrum hemp oils that source the entire plant for the full effect of its naturally healing properties. Other products include CBD Skin Therapy Lotion, CBD vaporizer cartridges, concentrates and even CBD hemp oil for pets and horses. The variety and efficacy of products available at Green Flower Botanicals has attracted repeat customers seeking to alleviate all sorts of conditions, from insomnia to joint pain.

Program Description

Green Flower Botanicals’ affiliate program offers a 20% commission on sales. You use the provided, customized affiliate links to promote Green Flower Botanical products, and when one of your prospects clicks on a link for the company website, Green Flower deposits a 90-day cookie on their browser. Any purchases a prospect makes from the company over the next 90 days will generate a commission for you.


Since its establishment in 2015, Koi CBD has concentrated on setting a quality standard for the CBD industry. Its products contain 99% pure CBD processed in a pharma-grade, cGMP-certified facility. By fine-tuning the extraction process, Koi claims that it sells the highest quality, most consistent hemp oil products available. With complete transparency and full traceability of each product’s manufacturing process, Koi reinforces the authenticity of its claims.

The manufacturer’s product line includes:

  • CBD gummies
  • Koi Prizm proprietary CBD oil blends
  • Koi flavored Naturals oil
  • CBD Vape Juice
  • CBD vape pens and cartridges
  • Soft chews for pets
  • Full spectrum CBD oil spray for pets
  • Topical lotion
  • CBD balm

Koi CBD is a member of the Hemp Industries Association, a non-profit trade group for growers, manufacturers and retailers of hemp and hemp products. Every batch it processes must meet strict consistency, purity and safety standards. The company even publishes its lab test results online so that you can look up the products you use to see their scores.

Program Description

The company pays 15% commission to affiliates on product sales. As you sell more, your commission goes up. For example, if you reach $1,000 or more in sales per month, your commission reaches 30%.

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf began marketing its cannabinoid products in 2014. Its top grade CBD oils and extracts are lab-tested, all-natural, organic products. They source their active ingredients from hemp bred specifically for therapeutic properties on licensed Colorado farms, and NuLeaf products source the whole plant for maximum efficacy. These farms adhere to organic methods and sustainable practices in growing hemp that is consistently potent and reliably safe.

By growing, processing, formulating and ultimately selling its own products, NuLeaf is able to control the quality of its all-natural CBD oils and extracts, certifying that they contain no additives or preservatives. Utilizing advanced engineering, such as its CO2, heat-free and solvent-free extraction process, NuLeaf ensures that it is providing you with the purest, fullest spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils and compounds that naturally occur in the hemp.

It does not add flavorings like some other CBD companies, so what you get is the natural aroma and flavor of the hemp. NuLeaf offers several options in potency, ranging from 240 to 4,850 mgs. It markets a CBD formulation for pets too.

The company welcomes affiliates, providing you with a link to the website that you can post on your own site and all your social media pages. Each time someone who clicks your link purchases products, you get a 15% commission. This applies to retail sales only.


PuraHemp does not grow its own plants, but it does select them from the grower and produces all of its products in house. It created the first patented, proprietary CBD-infused nutraceutical products worldwide. With medical professionals and biochemists among PuraHemp’s product developers, the company has established itself as a reputable, trustworthy brand in the CBD industry.

The company extracts essential oils from whole plants using the CO2 extraction process. It formulates a series of nutraceutical/CBD capsules including energy boosting, immune support, appetite suppressing and cardiovascular support ingredients. Purahemp’s full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oils are mint flavored and range in potency from 500 to 1,500 mgs. Its Full Spectrum Pet cannabinoid product delivers 250 mgs of soothing CBD.

The company pays a 30% commission on your affiliate sales of its products. This applies to all sales you generate during a 60-day period. PuraHemp also offers you a 10% off coupon you can pass on to your customers for their initial orders.

CBD BioCare

Matthew and Stacy Pitts began selling their CBD BioCare products in 2016, after they had discovered, through research and experience, the significant benefits of CBD products. CBD BioCare specializes in skin care and well-being for humans as well as for pets. One unique formulation they offer is a CDB balm with emu oil for pain relief, and they also sell a roll-on product for pain.

The company’s skin care line includes anti-aging cream, CBD Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenation Cream and collagen retinol cream with CBD as well as cleansing scrub and pain cream. You can purchase BioCare CBD products individually or save money by buying pre-bundled items. The firm’s manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA, and all products undergo third-party testing before they go to market.

As a CBD BioCare affiliate salesperson, you can build up to a 40% commission on sales referrals. The company provides you with sales tracking tools, printable and digital marketing materials, and a six-month window for eligible sales to a customer you referred.

Medix CBD

Medix CBD products contain extracts from hemp grown in Kentucky. Its stated mission is to change how the public views natural medicine and demonstrate that there is a better solution than products with harsh chemicals. It distributes its tinctures, oils, gummies, vape juice, pet care and cannabidiol skincare products nationwide.

The company’s naturally-flavored oil tinctures range in dosages from 100 to 4,500 mgs. Its edible products include gummy bears, sour gummy bears, rainbow and sour snake gummies. The Medix CBD topical line consists of pain cream and unscented lotion. Vape oil varieties are Sleep, Relax and Focus. Medix CBD also makes bacon-flavored CBD oil for dogs. The company uses the CO2 extraction method to source the hemp plant’s CBD safely. All of Medix CBD’s products undergo third-party testing to ensure consistency and quality.

The firm’s website provides affiliates with their own dashboard with links to social media and other digital platforms. It pays up to 20% in sales commissions.


This unique, California-based company specializes in CBD oil for pets. While customers mainly use HolistaPet products for their pets’ pain, they can also benefit inflammation, digestion, allergies, skin issues, seizures, cancerous tumors and anxiety in pets. As a proactive agent, CBD oil for pets can help to maintain their cardiovascular health and overall wellness.

HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats contain organic, natural vegan ingredients that fortify your pet and a CBD infusion that support joint health, mobility and your pet’s immune system. The company’s CBD hemp oil for dogs is designed for elderly pets who have difficulty chewing.

The product line for cats includes CBD treats, tinctures and capsules. Pet owners use CBD for cats to address stress, anxiety, seizures and cancer in cats. HollistaPet has a customer rewards program that helps you save money on your purchases.

Discover CBD

Based in Colorado with three locations in Colorado Springs and one in Denver, Discover CBD offers an extensive selection of cannabidiol products, including:

  • Oil
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Sprays
  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Vape juice
  • CBD for pets

Founded by three professionals who are enthusiastic about the benefits of CBD, a medical doctor, a hemp horticulturist and a medical industry business specialist partnered to establish Discover CBD.

Some of the company’s products are unique, such as multiple flavors of CBD oil-infused lip balm, CBD oil bath bombs, CBD-infused water and loose-leaf tea. The topical selection features Super Strength Salve, Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Patches and Tattoo Lovers’ Care Salve.

In the edibles department, Discover CBD offers such items as CBD honey sticks, CBD-infused coffee beans and CBD candy bars. Pet products feature bacon-flavored tinctures, dog biscuits and hemp powder.

The company offers opportunities for franchisees in every state outside of Colorado. Its affiliate program pays a base commission of 7% for every completed sale.

CBD Vape Juice

This company distributes vape juice and a variety of CBD products from top manufacturers as well as its own house brands, CBD Genesis and HempleBox. Its catalog includes gummies, topical pain creams, Kush snack cakes, CBD capsules, Chill Shots, lollipops, oils and tinctures. You can also purchase CBD for pets, starter kits, concentrates, drinks and syrups.

Some of the brands that CBD Vape Juice carries include Koi, Vape Bright, Hempmedics CBD, CBDistillery and Jam Monster CBD. The firm has two physical locations called Boardwalk Vapes, one in Fort Walton Beach and the other in Destin, Florida. As an affiliate, you can earn 20% commission on your sales.


Cannaboss offers strong concentrations of full spectrum CBD oil for the alleviation of symptoms sold as tinctures. The brand is sold in the UK and mainland Europe. Cannaboss offers a multi-tier affiliate marketing program for CBD products at 15% for Basic, 20% commission for Premium, and 25% for Gold.  Sales threshold needed to achieve Premium and Gold tiers is 5000 Euros and 11000 Euros respectively.  Cookie duration is not disclosed.  But in order for a product sale to be eligible to earn a referral fee, the customer must click through a link from your publication or communications to Cannaboss’ website and transact an order during the session meaning that the cookie duration is likely to be daily or very short in duration.


QuantVapor is a designer and supplier of competitively priced dry herb and oil convection vaporizers that have both form and function.  Their vaporizers are inspired by natural materials that infer quality and longevity.  Vaporization avoids the smell of smoke on your clothes and around you. There’s a puff of smoke, a rush of flavor, and the smell disappears.  The handheld vaporizer is self-contained and private. Features include LCD battery level indicator and temperature and accessories.  You need to know the temperature so you can get the effects out of your CBD.  Affiliates earn 15% commission per sale with a verified processes payment on their site. The cookie duration is for thirty days.


Sol CBD supplies a range of CBD products including high concentrated tinctures, capsules, and flavored infused tinctures and topical balms and salves. They are based in Las Vegas.  The affiliate marketing program is managed by Refersion. Affiliate compensation includes a wonderful 90-days cookie duration — Amen brother – and a sales commission that ranges from 17 percent to 20 percent depending on the items purchased. When more than one product purchase is made at checkout some product SKUs may pay 0 percent commission while others pay 17 percent to 20 percent.

American Shaman

American Shaman sell organically grown CBD tinctures, and terpenes to add flavor to your CBD. You like mint, cinnamon or banana flavors to improve the CBD oil taste? American Shaman has them.  American Shaman sells lip balms and under eye serum and other beauty products made with CBD extracts. They even offer horse CBD.  Affiliates get a 90-days cookie for customers they refer to the site. And the 25% on the total order is a handsome booty.  Affiliates are able to use a 10% off coupon to stimulate traffic and improve conversions.


This Scottsdale, Ariz., company sells non-GMO, chemical-free hemp oil products that are rich in natural CBD. PureKana utilizes third-party testing to ensure the purity and safety of what it sells. It publishes test results on its website, so you can research the products you buy.

PureKana’s hemp is Kentucky-grown and processed using a CO2 extraction method in compliance with state and federal guidelines. The company strives to sell top quality products at affordable prices.

PureKana’s catalog includes CBD-infused oils, capsules, topical ointment, bath products, gummies, vape supplies and pet treats in blueberry and chicken or peanut butter and pumpkin varieties. It even sells toothpicks flavored with CBD oil.


Becoming a CBD product affiliate can be a win-win situation, both for you and the customers you cultivate. With so many opportunities to tap into quality, naturally made CBD-infused products, you will find that there is a wide enough range of options that one of them is bound to be right for you. Want more information about CBD affiliate programs? Read more here.

CBD Affiliate Programs

What companies have CBD affiliate programs? • CANNAFFI

As a CBD affiliate, you can start making money as a blogger, a YouTuber, an Instagram influencer or a social media hound. By sharing products with your followers, you can earn a commission on the sales you bring in. While this might seem relatively simple on the surface, there is one big hump you need to jump. Choosing the brand you wish to promote is a time-consuming task that includes collecting important information such as pay structures, cookie durations, commission rates and others. With the information in this article, however, you will have all that is required to get a head start in the wonderful world of CBD affiliate programs. Read on to learn more about alternative CBD affiliate programs. 

One: Charlotte’s Web 

You can help support the health of your network of followers by becoming an affiliate of Charlotte’s Web CBD. By telling everyone you know about Charlotte’s Web products, you can receive compensation for your efforts. Upon joining the affiliate network for Charlotte’s Web, you will need to link the Charlotte’s Web online store to your site with ads, text links and/or product links. This will give your following a chance to purchase the Charlotte’s Web products through your site, allowing you to earn a portion of each sale. No payment is necessary to sign up as an affiliate partner. Once you’ve selected the graphics that meet your needs, you can choose a format in which you’ll have the ads/text links/product links present on your site or account.

Pay structure: n/a
Commission rates: 15 percent per sale
Cookie durations: n/a

Two: Cannabidiol Life

Cannabidiol Life offers a fantastic affiliate program with the highest commission payouts in the industry at a whopping 30 percent. Payouts are performed every two weeks, instead of the typical one month or more that is common among other affiliate program offers. Cannabidiol Life product are very high-quality, U.S.A. sourced and extracted using a nature process to avoid chemical contamination. The third-party results are available upon request. With Cannabidiol Life, you will not be putting your name behind something that you are unsure about or that is of questionable quality.

Pay structure: n/a
Commission rates: n/a
Cookie duration: n/a

Three: Green Flower Botanicals

Do you want to earn money by telling people about something that has the protentional to drastically change their lives for the better? Using the Green Flower affiliate program just might be the thing for you. On every sale credited to you, you will receive a 20 percent commission fee. In your affiliate area on the website, you will be given downloadable ad banners. You will also have access to printed sales materials you can distribute to make even more sales. Payments are made once a month, or when your balance reaches $50. After dropping a 90-day cooking on your device, we will give you 20 percent of each order places through your site for the next three months.

Pay structure: one month from transaction
Commission rates: 20 percent per sale
Cookie durations: three months

Four: Dash Hemp

The unique affiliate program offered by Dash Hemp allows you to create a source of passive income that you can rely on to either pay your bills or put extra money aside for the kids’ education or that remodeling project you’ve been waiting for. Dash Hemp’s CBD affiliate program has created all the tools needed to help you succeed. You will be given your own unique URL that will automatically track all your sales through your site or social media accounts. Banner ads are also provided, along with text links that you can copy and paste to your site. You can either sign up directly on the site or call to start today.

Pay Structure: n/a
Commission Rates: 10 percent per sale
Cookie Durations: n/a

Five: CBD Essence 

The affiliate program offered by CBD Essence is directed toward entrepreneurs and anyone else who is interested in making a little extra money on the side of their normal nine-to-five brick and mortar job. A reliable software platform is provided that allows you to receive credit for each sale that you make as an affiliate partner. The program is easy to sing up for, so you can start earning commissions as soon as possible. Sales commissions are listed at 20 percent per CBD hemp oil product sale. Payouts are done each month or when the balance on your account reaches $200. Any payments under $200 are paid out every three months. You can also trade your commission for CBD Essence products if you want.

Pay Structure: Monthly for balances $200 or greater, every three months for balances under $200
Commission rates: 20 percent per sale
Cookie duration: n/a

Six: Green Gorilla

As far as CBD goes, the Green Gorilla brand is a class all its own. The company places a huge focus on operating sustainable enterprises to produce hemp in a way that is clean, ethical and sustainable. They control all aspects of their CBD manufacturing process, from growing the plants to bottling and selling the product. The Green Gorilla brand is marketed to consumers as the Hemp & Olive ™ brand and includes pure CBD (CBD isolate), whole plant extracts, lip balms and creams for multiple applications. The brand even has products specifically formulated for pets and large animals such as horses. At this time, details for the Green Gorilla affiliate program are unknown, so stay tuned to hear the latest updates.

Pay structure: n/a
Commission rates: n/a
Cookie duration: n/a

Seven: Steve’s Goods

Steve’s Goods offers CBD products that are incredibly fresh and come right from the farm to the bottle with minimal processing time. The isolate formulas are always locally sources or come from family-owned and -operated businesses to offer you the best products for your followers and readers. Each batch is thoroughly tested for purity and concentration. In fact, the Steve’s Goods brand won several awards for Colorado CBD oil. Unlike certain other brands that spend most of their funding on marketing and sales tactics, Steve’s Goods places a focus on how to provide the best CBD products at the best possible prices. You can feel good about recommending this CBD brands to your followers.

Pay Structure: n/a
Commission Rates: n/a
Cooke Duration: n/a

Eight: Bota

Are you in the market for receiving rewards for telling people you care for about something that could make their lives better? Then you are a good candidate for CBD affiliate marketing. CBD hemp extract products offered by Bota Hemp are among the finest in the industry and come from industrial cannabis plants. Since the Farm Bill of 2018 was passed, cannabis oil derived from hemp has become legal on the federal level. Each state is currently working on hammering out its own specific policies on the sales and growing of hemp and hemp products. Registering is easy and simple and can be dome in a few moments from the comfort of your easy chair or sofa.

Pay structure: n/a
Commission Rates: n/a
Cooke Duration: n/a

Nine: Nature’s Script

Nature’s Script offers a unique CBD product with very high standards from seed to bottle. The entire manufacturing process is managed in house to ensure that quality remains high and constant. Complete transparence and incredible attention to detail are all hallmarks of the Nature’s Script brand. Products include CBD oils, capsules, gels, syrups, gummies, vaping solutions and pet products. Their affiliate program is managed through Impact Radius. With stellar treatment of their affiliates, Nature’s Script is one of the more hands-on brands and works with you as the affiliate to give you the best chance of success possible. You will have complete access to all their resources which include graphic design, social media, videos, content writing and SEO strategy.

Pay Structure: n/a
Commission rate: 20 percent per sale
Cookie duration: 30 days

Ten: King Kanine

King Kanine is the leading manufacturer and retailer of CBD products specifically geared toward pets. Their CBD for dogs and cats is meticulously formulated with organic ingredients that are batch-tested for safety and quality. Their products were formulated by a licensed pharmacist and were carefully selected with the smaller bodies and unique needs of cats and dos in mind. The affiliate program offered by King Kanine allows you the opportunity to join one of the largest CBD affiliate programs in the market. If you are able to generate traffic on your website or social media account that is related to pet health, you can monetize your site in a few simple steps.

Pay structure: n/a
Commission rate: n/a
Cooke duration: n/a

Eleven: Select CBD

Select CBD has been featured in high-readership magazines including the New York Times, Forbes, Allure and Rolling Stones. As one of the brands that are highest in purity, potency and flavor, Select CBD’s products include vape pens, drops, pet drops and 100 percent pure CBD oil derived from industrial hemp. Combined with specific essential oils and herbs for an extra boost, the Select CBD brand offers a great taste and a chance to experience better health. Unlike some other brands, Select CBD products contain absolutely no THC and meet the highest testing and safety standards. The return policy is great with a less-than one-percent failure rate. All hemp products are locally sources to ensure quality and consistence through each batch.

Pay structure: 25th of each month
Commission rate: 12 percent per sale
Cooke Duration: 60 days

Twelve: Try the CBD

With the special CBD affiliate program link provided with Try The CBD, you can earn commissions on each referral you make on your website or social media account. You can embed this link in your emails, your websites, your blogs and any and all of your social media accounts. Each person who clicks on your link and makes a purchase will cause you to earn a commission on the sale. You will earn 15 percent commission on each product you sell on with your affiliate link. Payments are processed six months after the sale was generated with a minimum payout amount of $100.

Pay Structure: every 180 days
Commission: k15 percent per sale
Cookie duration: n/a

Thirteen: Hemper

Hemper CBD products are hand-picked by experts to ensure that they are of the finest quality for your body. The Hemper experience is unlike any other in that the company strives to bring to customers the latest products from a wide variety of forms right to your doorstep. Their in-house product development team is constantly on the move, developing new products and refining other ones to ensure that your experience with the Hemper brand is always top-notch. You can feel good about recommending this brand to all your friends and followers of your blog or social media accounts. Privacy is valued at Hemper, with all products shipping with a discreet mailer to avoid unnecessary attention.

Pay structure: n/a
Commission: n/a
Cookie Duration: n/a

Fourteen: Sagely Naturals

Sagely Naturals CBD affiliate program is one of the most sophisticated purveyors of CBD-based supplements that capture the healing power of the cannabis plant in a way that is safe and legal. A blend of CBD and essential oils delivers a powerful punch that can help with a variety if illnesses and diseases. The line consists of 100 percent organic CBD and 100 percent organic essential oils that are applied topically as skin creams, roll-ons and sprays. The Sagely Naturals line also offers high-quality capsules that include herbs such as turmeric to further increase the potential for healing and wellness. The formulas were all developed by chemists with PhDs with each batch triple-tested to ensure quality and efficacy.

Pay Structure: n/a
Commission: 20 percent per sale
Cooke Duration: 90 days

Fifteen: Sky CBD

Sky CBD’s affiliate program offers a wide variety of products to your followers including full-spectrum oils, CBD isolates and skin/beauty care products. Some of their offerings include anti-aging creams, moisturizers, pain relieving creams with emu oil and others. With over a dozen beauty and skin care products, Sky CBD is a great option for those with a focus on the health and beauty world. Your earnings are based on a sliding scale and will depend on the amount of sales you make. You will start at 10 percent, but have the option to work your way up to 30 percent, with an additional 10 percent for returning customers.

Pay structure: Bi-weekly instant digital verified payouts
Commission: 10 to 30 percent or more, depending on sale levels
Cookie duration: n/a

Sixteen: Medix CBD

Medix CBD is top-quality product offerings that are rich in the potent CBD formulation that has worked many wonders in the health and nutrition world. As one of the best manufacturers in the area, the company has received rave reviews based on the efficacy and quality of their products. With offers including oils for general health and wellbeing and for targeting certain health conditions, Medix CBD is an excellent company to send your devoted followers to as a way to boost their health while making money on the side. Their affiliate program is easy to follow and includes all the tools needed to ensure that you are successful.

Pay Structure: n/a
Commission rates: n/a
Cookie duration: n/a

Seventeen: CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice, also known as CBD Genesis offers a detailed method of becoming an affiliate partner. You will have the ability to let you clients, customers, followers and friends learn about the products and/or website via a provided affiliate link. You can shar this link with your followers on social media and write blog posts and articles including that link. Payouts are made each month to PayPal in the last week of the month. All legitimate and processed orders placed within 30 days of referral from your site will earn you a 20 percent commission of the sale total, not including shipping and any applicable taxes.

Pay structure: Monthly via PayPal
Commission rates: 20 percent on all non-wholesale orders
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Eighteen: PuraHemp

PuraHemp has a unique mission to provide medical-grade cannabis products derived form industrial hemp that have the potential to improve the quality of life for patients and customers. PuraHemp is the only brand that controls 100 percent of their products, from the seed until it reaches the hand of the customers. The affiliate program is complete with banner ads, text links, coupon codes, landing pages and customer analytics in real time. Bi-weekly payouts ensure that you get your commissions promptly without any unnecessary delays.
Pay structure: Bi-weekly
Commission rates: 30 percent
Cookie duration: 60 days

Nineteen: Proleve CBD

The Proleve CBD affiliate program offers one of the highest commission rates going at 30 percent per successful sale. CBD products from this brand include bath bombs, salves, edibles, effervescent products and CBD oils. The wide variety of products ensures that there is something for everyone from all walks of life. A certificate of analysis from a third-party source is available on all of Proleve’s CBD products, making them one of the most trusted brands out there.

Pay structure: n/a
Commission rates: 30 percent
Cookie Duration: n/a

Twenty: Discover CBD

Discover CBD is a veritable treasure trove of CBD products and is a great place where you can send your friends, followers and family to obtain products with the potential to make their lives better. You can start making money upon signing up as soon as someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link. The process only takes seconds and can earn you both money and the knowledge that you helped make someone’s world better.

Pay structure: monthly
Commission rates: seven percent with the potential to increase
Cookie duration: 30 days

Twenty-one: NuLeaf Naturals

The NuLeaf Naturals CBD Affiliate program allows you to share your personal CBD affiliate link on emails, websites, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and another social media account you use. Each person who clicks on your link and makes a purchase through it will earn you a commission of the sale. You can also use the NuLeaf Naturals custom coupon code to further encourage your audience to take advantage of hot deals and new products.

Pay structure: first day of each month via PayPal
Commission rates: 15 percent per eligible sale
Cookie duration: 30 days

Twenty-two: Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals offers premium CBD products in both extract and topical forms. The company is family owned and uses locally grown Colorado hemp. The products created by Receptra Naturals have been used by world-class athletes from the UFC, the NFL and the NHL, and are the only ones specifically geared toward athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their affiliate program is overseen by Pepperjam, with the possibility of partnering with any website owners who support their brand and corporate values. Affiliates are given a wide selection of banner ads, text links, keywords and reporting tools to help increase their sales and earn commissions.

Pay structure: Monthly via PayPal upon reaching $50
Commission: 20 percent per sale
Cookie duration: 60 days

Twenty-three: NutraHemp

The NutraHemp CBD affiliate market program is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who are looking to earn money in a way that is both easy and effective. Each sale made through your affiliate link will earn you a 20 percent commission. The simple sign-up process ensure that you can begin earning commissions and payments soon after joining the program.

Pay Structure: Monthly payouts for balances of $200 or more, every three months for balances under $200
Commission: 20 percent for every sale
Cookie duration: n/a

Twenty-four: CBD Biocare

CBD Biocare offers an affiliate program that includes a Facebook group to help beginners succeed. Using a unique affiliate link, you will have the option to send followers and readers to the CBD Biocare website from your page. Commissions are rated at 20 percent per sale and are tracked using a temporary cookie.

Pay structure: n/a
Commission: 20 percent per sale
Cookie duration: n/a

Twenty-five: Mylaso CBD

Mylasso CBD products include solutions to help reduce chronic pain, to improve sleep, to better skin health and to provide a boost for overall wellbeing. Mylaso products are 100 percent organically grown and 100 percent THC free. The industrial hemp chosen by Mylaso is free from pesticides and herbicides and is chosen for its high CBD content. Each batch is tested and certified by a third party to ensure quality and potency in every bottle.

Pay structure: monthly via check
Commission: 20 percent per sale
Cookie duration: 60 days


There are several opportunities to introduce hemp-derived CBD to your followers.

Now that you have gotten a taste of the full breadth of CBD affiliate program alternatives you might be ready to start a CBD affiliate prgram  or participate as an affiliate Click on one of the links below to share your interest.


CBD Affiliate Programs

How to find a CBD oil affiliate program for green entrepreneurs • CANNAFFI

We’ve compiled a list of CBD affiliate programs to help green entrepreneurs, publishers, and influencers get a better understanding of the alternatives so they can start working as an affiliate. Before we dive into individual CBD affiliate programs we want to give you an overview of the market thanks to contributions in research and analysis from a cbd marketing professional.


The CBD industry has experienced dramatic growth in recent years with the push to legalize cannabis in states throughout the country. No wonder it has become a billion dollar industry with the emerging studies that show the health benefits of the all-natural medication. According to recent projections, cannabis distributors and dispensaries could expect an all-time high of $22 billion in sales.

CBD companies are offering affiliate marketing programs that help members earn residual income in a bold move to help consumers and the average Joe. By tapping into the CBD market everyday people are finding better ways to generate extra cash for future investments.


Our goal here is to give you a list of CBD-related affiliate programs from which to choose. Once you follow the requirements for the signup process and complete the steps as directed, you’ll have your own opportunity to capitalize on this growing industry. Here are 25 CBD affiliate programs to get you started:

1. Hemp My Pet

The Hemp My Pet Affiliate program provides 30% commission per sale for all affiliates. The cookie tracking duration is three months and helps you monitor visits. Payments are received the month after you earn $100 in commission.

To sign up for the program, you fill out a simple web form that requires basic information such as your name, contact information, and the URL for your website. If you are a business owner, the program requires the name of your business, too. Once you are approved, you receive an email notification and immediate access to the affiliate program dashboard.

Hemp My Pet sells products for your pets, including hemp-infused coconut oil, dog biscuits, and wellness bundles.

2. MediPets

The MediPets program requires you to sign up through a web form through the affiliate page. It requires you to set up a user account first. After signup, the program director sends you a link to share on your blog or website. You earn up to 20% commission on every sale you refer through your blog, website, or by using your affiliate link on your social media pages.

MediPets sells CBD treats and sprays for dogs and cats primarily. The pet treats are 100 mg and are available in different flavors. The CBD spray for pets is flavored, too. It is derived from cannabidiol.

3. Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD’s affiliate program offers you up to 30% commission on all sales you refer to the company and pays out each month. The cookie tracking duration is 60 days. You post the link provided on their social media pages or online properties to generate clicks from interested parties. The company provides two separate affiliate programs. You are allowed to sign up for both programs if your state allows the sale of psychotropic cannabis.

Diamond CBD sells CBD oil, creams, and edibles. Their products include gummies, liquid infused cannabidiol, and CBD oil-based creams.

4. Green Roads

The Green Roads affiliate program gives you a 10% commission when visitors are redirected from your URL. The commission is credited to your account after the sale is closed, and all money is collected from the customer. Your URL uses tracking cookies to track visitors for up to 30 days. The payments are sent out on the 7th of every month, but you must earn $500 in commissions to receive a payment. The terms and conditions require you to send in a request within 45 days after your account has reached the $500 payout.

You cannot use the brand name when marketing the products or advertising the company on your social media pages or online properties. You can use the URL provided by Green Roads only. If you mention the company name, keywords or derivatives of the company name explicitly on your social media pages, then you face the termination of your affiliate account.

The signup process is simple, and it requires you to complete a web form found on the affiliate program page of the company’s website.

Green Roads sells a variety of topical ointments, CBD candies, and CBD oils.

5. CBD Distillery

CBD Distillery’s affiliate program helps you earn 10% on all conversions, but you must earn at least $100 within the month to receive your payment. The program provides 90-day tracking cookies to help you monitor visitors.

If you earn at least $300 in commission, then you are entered into monthly giveaways and contests for free products and discounts. The payments are sent the following month after you earn a $100 commission. The signup process for the affiliate program is easy and you’ll be finished in about ten minutes.

CBD Distillery sells CBD oils, isolates, capsules, and topical ointments.

6. Canna-Pet

Canna-Pet’s affiliate program offers you a 20% commission for new customers and 10% for existing customers. You receive your payment once a month after earning at least $100. You earn a $10 bonus for any new customer orders that are over $85. You receive 45-day tracking cookies to monitor your visitors who click on your URL.

Canna-Pet sells treats and CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses. They also offer Assisi Botanicals and bundled products.

7. Every Day Optimal

Every Day Optimal’s affiliate program has a more complex signup process. You provide detailed information including your social security number or tax ID, URLs for all your social media accounts. You must also agree to the terms and conditions of the program, and they are several pages in length.

You receives 30-day tracking cookies to monitor traffic and visits. You receive a 10% commission for all sales and are paid the following month after generating the $100 minimum.

The program imposes strict guidelines in the terms and conditions for affiliate advertising. You cannot create your own rendition of the brand’s marketing campaigns. If you don’t follow the terms and conditions, then the program director terminates your contract immediately. All applications are reviewed extensively before approval is provided.

Every Day Optimal sells CBD capsules, pills, gummies, edibles tinctures and e-liquids.

8. Herb Strong

The Herb Strong affiliate program provides you with 10-day tracking cookies and a 10% commission on all conversions from your URL. Once you earn at least $100 within a month, you have the option to choose a PayPal payment or a store gift card.

Signing up for the affiliate program requires you to complete a web form on the affiliate page of the company website. After the application is approved, then you receive a URL from the program director. You post the URL on your social media pages or online properties, such as blogs or websites.

Herb Strong sells creams, drops, vapes, and vape cartridges. The drops are available as regular or extra strength.

9. Honest Paws

The Honest Paws affiliate program provides you with a 20% commission on all sales derived from your URL. You receive 30-day tracking cookies to monitor visits between your link and the company website. The company pays you monthly after you have learned at least $100.

You aren’t allowed to create your own advertisements for the company. You are required to use the URL assigned to you only. The company doesn’t use or allow discount coupon deals.

Honest Paws sells CBD pet products, such as oils, treats, and chews. The products are available for cats and dogs.

10. Avid Hemp

The Avid Hemp affiliate program provides you with 90-day tracking cookies and 20% commissions on all conversions from your URL. The statistics show that the average order is $100, and you have the potential to close higher sales volumes if you post the URL on social media. Your payment is sent every month that you earn at least $100 in commissions. The signup process requires you to complete a simple web form and wait for approval.

Avid Hemp sells CD capsules, oils, e-liquid, and vape cartridges.

11. Zion Medicinals

The Zion Medicinals affiliate program provides you with 60-day tracking cookies. You receive regular commissions every month after a customer signs up for a recurring subscription. You earn a 30% commission on all conversions.

You receive your payment on the first day of the month after you earn at least $100. You also receive 10% commissions from the earnings of any new affiliate members that you referred to the program. You receive the extra commission for as long as they remain a member.

The signup application is available on the affiliate page of the company’s website. You receive a URL after your application is approved.

Zion Medicinals sell hemp oils, salve sticks, and CBD soaps.

12. Ignite CBD

Ignited CBD has a VIP rewards program that allows you to earn points for performing specific actions. The points are available when you sign up for a user account, like the company on Facebook, like the company’s posts on Facebook, follow them on Instagram or review the company’s products. Members receive points for their birthday, too.

The signup process is easy, and you start earning points after you register as a member. You receive notifications each time that you receive points. You have to provide the company with your social media URLs, and the company tracks your activities.

Ignite CBD sells vape supplies, liquids, and drops in a variety of flavors.

13. Green Garden Gold

The Green Garden Gold affiliate program provides you with 90-day tracking cookies. You receive a flat-rate commission of $35 for all conversions that originate from your URL. The company provides 20% off coupons that you use on your social media pages and online properties to advertise the company. You sign up for the program on the affiliate page of the company’s website.

Green Garden Gold sells hemp extract capsules, CBD oils, and gummies. You can also get joint health supplements for your dogs.

14. CBDFx

The CBDFx affiliate program provides you with a 20% commission for existing customer sales and 30% for new customer transactions. The program provides a payment once each month after you earn at least $100. The payments are sent via check or PayPal as you indicate when signing up for the program. You have custom coupons and personalized URLs for advertising the company on your social media pages and online properties. All additional marketing materials are available through your personal dashboard.

CBDFx sells CBD tinctures, oils, capsules, vape juice, and gummies.

15. Pure Spectrum CBD

The Purer Spectrum CBD affiliate program pays you a 20% commission for existing customer sales and 40% for new customer transactions. You receive 30-day tracking cookies. Your payment is sent out at the first of the month after you earn at least $100. The signup form is available on the affiliate program page of the company’s website.

Pure Spectrum CBD sells hemp oil tinctures, creams, isolate, salve and lotions. Vape cartridges are also available.

16. Verified CBD

The Verified CBD affiliate program provides you with a 20% lifetime commissions on all customer subscriptions that originated from your URL. You receive 30-day tracking cookies and earn 30% on standard sales. You sign up for the program by completing a web form found on the affiliate page of the company’s website.

Verified CBD sells CBD oils, sprays, capsules and gummies.

17. Canna Trading Co.

The Canna Trading Co. affiliate program provides you with a 20% commission on all existing customers and a 35% commission on new customer transactions. You receive 30-day tracking cookies, and your payments are sent via PayPal at the end of the month after you earn $100 in commission. The signup process requires you to complete a web form on the company’s website.

Canna Trading Co. sells oil tinctures, vape cartridges, disposable pens, and capsules.

18. PureSource Extracts

The PureSource Extracts affiliate program provides you with a 15% commission on sales that originate from your URL. The URL is provided to you once your application is approved. You share it on your social media pages or online properties. The top commission for affiliates is 20%, and you must become a top-earning to get promoted. The payments are sent on the 15th of every month after you earn $100. You receive 30-day tracking cookies with your membership.

PureSource Extracts sells CBD oil, edibles, capsules, topical creams and slaves, and CBD beauty supplies. Pet treats, drops and shampoos are also available.

19. RE Botanicals

The RE Botanicals affiliate program provides you with 365-day tracking cookies. You earn a 15% commission on all conversions that come from your URL. The program pays out every month after you earn at least $100. You complete a web form to apply for the affiliate program and receive a URL after you are approved.

RE Botanicals sells tinctures, oils, and capsules. Hemp tinctures for pets are also available.

20. Elixinol

The Elixinol affiliate program provides you with a 10% commission on all conversions that came from your URL. You receive a 3% commission for any new affiliates who you refer to the program. You receive a payment via PayPal on the 15th of the month after you earn $100. The program provides you with 30-day tracking cookies. The signup page is available through the affiliate program link on the main screen.

Elixinol sells CBD oils and hemp skin care products.

21. Triniti CBD

The Triniti CBD affiliate program provides you with a 25% commission on all conversions and 30-day tracking cookies. The program gives you downloadable ads specifically for advertising on your social media pages and online properties. You have access to high-resolution pictures to use in the ads you create, too. You sign up for the program through the affiliate page on the company’s website.

Triniti CBD sells CBD tinctures and capsules.

22. Online RX Master

The Online RX Master affiliate program provides you with 30-day tracking cookies. You receive up to 50% commission on all conversions. You receive a monthly PayPal payment after you earn $100. Recurring prescriptions that originated from your URL give you additional commissions, too. You sign up through the affiliate page of the company’s website.

Online RX Master files prescriptions for CBD and related medications, and they sell pharmaceutical products.

23. Vape Bright

The Vape Bright affiliate program provides you with a 25% commission on all conversions. You receive your payment the following month after you earn at least $100. You receive 90-day tracking cookies to track visitors.

The program offers you 25% coupon codes to use on social media pages and online properties. A 10% coupon incentive is available to help you attract visitors, too. The signup progress for the program takes less than five minutes to complete, and you register through the affiliate page on the company’s website.

Vape Bright sells CBD vapes, starter packs, pods, and cartridges.

24. Purekana

The Purekana affiliate program requires you to sign up for a user account, and you receive a code at the email address you used when signing up for the account. You receive a 15% commission on all conversions. The payments are sent out at the first of the month after you earn at least $100 via Paypal.

Purekana sells CBD oils, capsules, gummies and picks.

25. Nova Blis

The Nova Blis affiliate program provides you with a 15% commission on existing customer sales and 20% on new customer transactions. You receive 90-day tracking cookies. Top sellers receive 25% commissions on all sales. The program provides you with discounts and samples for their latest products.

The payout is at the end of the month, and you must earn at least $100 before you receive your payment. You sign up on the affiliate page of the company’s website, and you are required to create a user account to access your personal dashboard.

Nova Blis sells CBD pops, drops, and bundles.


Generating a residual income starts when you sign up for one or more of the above-mentioned CBD affiliate programs. Each opportunity provides you with a predetermined commission rate, invaluable resources and a wealth of benefits and discounts on your own preferred CBD products.

We have created this list to help you break down which affiliate programs and decide which programs are right for you and offer the best results. To learn more about additional programs visit the The List today.

So you’re ready to take the next step and become an affiliate or advertise your brand or retail storefront? That’s great news. Click on one of the links below to keep the conversation going…

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CBD Affiliate Programs

What are the Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs? • CANNAFFI

The cannabis market in the United States is likely to exceed hit twenty-two billion dollars this year with many of those dollars coming from brick-and-mortar shops.

But there are other ways to sell cannabis that are taking off as well. This includes the CBD oil affiliate programs that allows those who are passionate about the products to share them with their friends and family who can also benefit while earning a commission.

But not all CBD oil affiliate programs are created equal. Affiliates look for a program that has a high-quality product, a fair price, and that is a company they can believe in. They also love great incentives and benefits. 

Read on to learn about some of the CBD oil businesses using affiliate marketing and find out how you can mimic their success.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a weekly payout program that allows you to make a 20 percent commission on selling CBD products. They primarily use their website to sell products and affiliates can provide their code to get credit for the sales they inspire. 

Hemp Bombs also has a little bit of a pyramid marketing scheme allowing those who create their own sub-affiliates to earn indirect commissions.


CBD FX started from the manufacturing side and developed an affiliate program as their marketing strategy. 

They offer a 20 percent commission and also sell oils, tinctures, gummies, capsules, vape pens and more. They pay monthly and also provide a sign-up bonus of twenty-five dollars.


Koi CBD is a very popular brand that makes it easier for affiliates to sell. They can rely on the brand loyal customer base since they have been selling their products for years.

But their commission is only 15 percent and they only pay once a month, so they don’t offer as much of an opportunity to make an income as other companies.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD has many different brands of CBD products and offers a higher commission rate than the others at 25 percent. They have the largest variety of products and a solid reputation making it easy for representatives to sell their products.

More About CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

Although we have mentioned several of the most popular programs out there, there are many smaller companies successfully selling with the same strategy. 

This kind of sales structure helps you scale your business and can complement your other sales channels. To learn more about other brand’s affiliate programs please check out this article on the best cannabis affiliate programs and another article on the best hemp oil affiliate programs.

More Marketing Tips for Cannabis Businesses

The CBD oil affiliate programs on this list offer people who are passionate about CBD products to profit off of their love. By setting up your own affiliate marketing program on the cannabis affiliate network known as Cannaffi, you can drive new sales and have advocates out in the real world helping to advertise your products. But that’s not the only way to move more cannabis, and we have many more ideas. Check out our blog for more market advice, or for more personalized attention, request a quote today!

Whether you want to run your own affiliate program using Cannaffi or have us manage the program affiliate marketing is one sales strategy your business should consider.

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