What is CANNAFFI ?

CANNAFFI® is the cannabis affiliate network. Forged from consultative and managerial experience building sales and marketing solutions for businesses like yours. CANNAFFI® is one answer to how do I go to market with my cannabis, hemp, or CBD product or brand. CANNAFFI® wants to be one of your go-to-market partners. As you started your journey into the world of cannabis you found out that having an idea, a product people want to buy, and working capital are extremely important to stay the course. What you may have overlooked or underestimated was an e-commerce sales and marketing strategy. At CANNAFFI® we understand your frustration, and we too realize the public wants and needs your product to feel better.  That’s why CANNAFFI® exists –to help you connect with open-minded influencers and customers.  Together we can transform the way people feel about cannabis alternative health products and pave the way for organic and naturally grown products that help people and their loved ones. We can usher in a new generation of entrepreneurs and high-quality products that give people a choice when it comes to their health and more.

Assumptions you can count on.

We are not merely a website or a piece of software. We are a solution.  To succeed you’ll need the culmination of talent and technology, product and pricing, and effort and a dedicated budget. If you offer the latter, we have the talent and technology to help you start or join a cannabis affiliate marketing program.  

Are you still there?

Our goal is to help you connect to the end customer. We do this by attracting people who share our vision of an alternative health world –passionate cannabis people, health nuts, professional writers, novice writers, bloggers and social media lovers– looking to make a name for themselves and build a following or perhaps they already have a following but they want access to innovative products and brands. In turn, we expect more from our merchants and advertisers. We want you to share with us story-worthy facts about your brand and your products. Be prepared to answer why, where, when, how much, how often, and what.  Affiliates will need this information to craft a story that resonates with the audience. Need help? We offer managed services too.

If you are still interested consider CANNAFFI® for your affiliate network needs. We offer self-managed and fully managed affiliate marketing solutions.  Be part of a revolution. Be cannafied.

Definition of Cannaffi (verb) – to influence a being to health, wellness, or enjoyment.

Usage: The bloggers canniffication of readers was the result of regular social engagement. The blogger cannaffied followers by writing several articles that made them aware of alternative treatments for pain and inflammation.


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