List Your CANNABIS Affiliate Program

Grow Your Sales

The addition of affiliate marketing to your plan can help you methodically build a base of customers over time.  Cannaffi can help you invest today for future growth.  Work with Cannaffi to help you manage this strategy.

Tell your brand's story through others

Affiliate marketing allows us to connect with the market through people whom have the audiences attention.

Scale your business

To scale means to grow. You can choose to grow alone or with the help of a network. A network can help you grow more efficiently.

list your existing program

We want you to be successful even if your are not a client. We want to work together to build a market — gain traction — for CBD, hemp, and cannabis products. We invite you to submit your affiliate program for consideration using our Claim Your Listing Form or Contact form.

Grow your Brand

Affiliate marketing offers the benefit of helping build your brand.

Build loyalty with stakeholders

When you run an affiliate program it takes a level of financial and strategic commitment. It helps affiliates feel good inside to know you are as committed to the channel as you are about your products.

Enhance your sales channel

An e-Commerce business is in itself is a sales channel. Affiliate marketing or performance marketing is a business driver for e-commerce revenues. .  .

Get traffic to your Existing program

Our focus  can help you attract affiliates to your existing program. We publish and maintain The List to help affiliates discover affiliate programs.

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