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What Are Cannabis Affiliate Programs?

As marijuana legalization proliferates throughout Canada and the US, both for medical and recreational uses, more and more cannabis product and accessory vendors have formed marijuana affiliate programs to empower motivated individuals to make money selling their wares. Most cannabis affiliate programs are free to join, easy to sign up with and require no technical ability or knowledge. As you may or may not know all marijuana affiliate programs are cannabis affiliate programs but not all cannabis affiliate programs are marijuana affiliate programs. Hemp and CBD-derived from hemp are part of the cannabis family of plants but they are not marijuana. So you can promote cannabis without promoting marijuana by focusing on CBD affiliate and hemp affiliate programs. Once joining a marijuana affiliate program, you are given access to an array of text links and banners you can use to direct traffic to the given company’s website on your own website, landing page, blog social media and/or offline promotions. If a customer makes a purchase after being directed to a vendor’s site through one of your banners or links, you are paid a commission. While all marijuana affiliate programs use this same basic structure, there are also distinct differences between them, including the following:
  • Conversion requirements.
  • Commission type and amount.
  • Payment terms and requirements.
What follows are reviews of over 30 of the most popular and rewarding marijuana affiliate programs, including all available information on these very criteria.

What Companies Have Cannabis Affiliate Programs?

Brothers With Glass

Brothers With Glass sells a range of bongs, dab rigs, hand pipes, vaporizers and smoking accessories both imported and American-made. Their product line features dozens of well-known glass and vaporizer artists and brands. Commissions vary, being based on the affiliate’s single-day sales volume. Cookies last for seven days. In order to count as a commission-worthy conversion, the customer must complete an online purchase and have the valid payment form successfully processed.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds sells a wide variety of marijuana seeds, including sativa, indica and hybrid varieties both with low and high levels of THC and CBD. In addition to regular seeds, customers can select from autoflower, feminized, CBD and dwarf seeds and seed mixes. With the Crop King Seeds affiliate program, you earn a commission of 20 percent for each sale you facilitate. Payments are issued monthly of commission earned the month prior. You must have earned at least $200 in commissions in order to receive a payout.

My Weed Seeds

My Weed Seeds sells seeds from a variety of suppliers as well as vape pens. Choose between promoting particular products or the site’s overall Seed Vault. The My Weed Seeds affiliate program is a multi-tier program, meaning in addition to earning commissions for referring sales, you also earn ongoing commissions for sales made by affiliates you refer to the program. Make up to 20-percent commission per sale. Each affiliate is given access to an Affiliate Toolbox that includes not only text and banner ads but high-response email advertisements you can use as well. There, affiliates also get access to 24-hour earnings, traffic and sales stats and reporting. Payments are made monthly each month you earn at least $100. An Affiliate Support Team is standing by to help offer assistance and answer any questions affiliates may have.

Vapor DNA

VaporDNA sells a variety of e-liquid and e-cigarette types and flavors as well as the hardware and accessories used to intake them including tanks, atomizers, pod systems and box mods. The company offers two distinct affiliate programs you could join depending on your preferences and needs. One Vape DNA affiliate program is run through ShareASale, part of Awin, and the other is run through Affiliate by Conversant. Commissions are automatically paid out monthly and range between 10 and 20 percent. With a product line numbering in the thousands, including hundreds of leading brands, VaporDNA reports the average order ranges between $65 and $85.

Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler runs a subscription service that delivers custom-tailored boxes for smokers containing accessories like wraps, rolling papers, lighters and more. Customers can also purchase individual smoking products separately, including rolling trays, grinders, pipes and vaporizers, glass cleaners, concentrate gear, pre-rolled cones, even cannabis-themed decorations, novelties, beverages and edibles. The Hippie Butler affiliate program pays a 15-percent commission on all referred sales, including monthly subscription payments. Note that referrals made through discount, deal and coupon websites are paid a commission rate of 2.5 percent.


Dealzer sells supplies for growing marijuana, including grow boxes, tents and lights both for soil and hydroponic systems. Affiliates get paid a 15-percent commission on every converted lead. Payouts are made as often as twice per month.


VaporFi sells e-liquids, CBD products and vape devices and accessories, including tanks, batteries, coils, atomizers, drip tips and chargers. VaporFi affiliate program commissions vary based on product category as follows:
  • 20 percent lifetime residual commissions for e-liquids.
  • 15-percent commission on all VaporFi brand starter kits, accessories and cartridges.
  • 10-percent commission on all third-party brand units.
You can even earn commissions from referred orders placed by phone. Payouts are available in multiple methods, including ACH, wire transfer, PayPal and Net 15. Cookies last for a full 365 days. You can track not only the sales you refer but those referred by the sub affiliates you recruited. To simplify linking, you can create a personalized referral URL. Direct Linking Technology facilitates easy linking without cumbersome affiliate ID query strings needed. The VaporFi affiliate program offers advanced reporting features like automatic notifications to alert you of sales made and real-time online commission reports. Extensive affiliate tools include content marketing and print materials in addition to text links, banners and emails.

Bake Box

Cannabake offers a subscription service to receive monthly Bake Boxes containing cannabis smoking supplies and accessories like papers, pipes, pre-rolled cones, glass cleaner, plastic stash containers and more. Starting with the bare-bones Smokers Essential Box for $21.95 per month featuring three to seven essential items per box, Cannabake offers a tiered selection of Bake Boxes, with a Standard Box featuring five to nine essentials and gear and 710 and Craft Boxes, each featuring seven to 12 essentials and gear. Customers can sign up for a one-month, three-month or six-month plan. Affiliates continue to earn commissions each paid month of a referred customer’s subscription.

Vapor Nation

Vapor Nation sells smoking and vaping devices, including vaporizers, both desktop and portable, as well as pipes and pens. It also sells parts for these devices, like whips, tubing and screens, and accessories, like grinders, infusers, decarboxylators, storage containers and cleaning supplies. The Vapor Nation affiliate program pays a 15-percent commission on all sales. An online portal with extensive reporting tools lets you track commissions and stats in real-time. In addition to text links and banners, receive social media links and the option for custom-designed banners. There’s even an interactive banner selector to help you find the best banner for any given conditions. You can also customize your affiliate code to create a more user-friendly link.

Verdict Vape

Verdict Vape sells Verdict and Mega brand e-liquids in a variety of exotic flavors, both individually and combined in sample packs. It also sells the ZQ VI pod vaporizer and replacement cartridge. The Verdict Vape affiliate program pays a 20-percent commission on all referred purchases completed online. In a unique incentive with massive promotional potential, customers who use your referral links and codes also get a 20-percent discount on their purchases. Create your own coupon code to personalize your marketing. Payouts are made by check at each month’s close. You must earn at least $10 in a given month to get a payout for that month.

Direct Cannabis Network

Direct Cannabis Network is a membership service for cannabis industry entrepreneurs, business owners and startups with a product or service of their own to sell. The service provides current cannabis industry news and networking opportunities. The Direct Cannabis Network doesn’t have an affiliate program per se, but rather a referral program. Through the Direct Cannabis Network Referral Program, you get $50 for every new member you refer. To help land those referrals, DCN gives each new member you sign up $50 off his or her membership. Rewards can be received as cash or as Apple, Amazon or Google gift cards.

Zombie Survival Kit FS

The Zombie Survival Kit For Smokers is an all-in-one portable “dugout one-hitter” style smoking apparatus and carry case with related accessories. It features durable construction with a comfortable grip, tight seal and swivel top that fits discreetly in a purse or pocket. It comes with two smoky sticks, a poker and a satisfaction guarantee. Through the Zombie Survival Kit FS affiliate program operates on the LeadDyno marketing platform and pays a 20-percent commission on each direct sale you refer and a five-percent commission on all sales referred by sub affiliates you recruit. Payment is issued via PayPal. Affiliate support is available via 24/7 direct support and open forums.

CS Vape

CS Vape sells ejuices, including VGOD brand, as well as pod systems, mods, tanks and RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) as well as starter kits and accessories like coils, chargers and wicks. The CS Vape affiliate program operates on the Shareasale Network as a Power Rank Affiliate Program. It pays a 20-percent commission on each sale. The average sale is $48.64. Cookies last 90 days. Payouts can be made by direct deposit. The program distributes newsletters monthly to affiliates presenting new products and offers. You can also request coupons to run your own promotions. A convenient Dedicated Affiliate Program Manager simplifies managing and organizing your marketing efforts.


I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM for short, sells seeds for 100 hand-picked cannabis strains. ILGM also offers free resources guides and journals on growing marijuana. The ILGM affiliate program pays a flat $25 commission on all orders. To help you promote ILGM and entice leads, founder Robert Bergman allows you to offer his ebook, Marijuana Grow Bible, as a free incentive. You’ll make commissions from all purchases made by anyone who downloads the ebook through one of your referral links.

Green CulturEd

Green CulturEd sells marijuana-related elearning solutions for individuals and businesses alike. Students can enroll in many cannabis industry related training programs including in the following categories:
  • Retail Dispensary.
  • Growing Blueprints.
  • Industry Certifications.
  • Cannabis Chemistry.
  • Medical Aspects.
  • Government Compliance.
  • Workplace Safety.
  • Cannabis Studies.
  • Soft Skills.
  • Management Operations.
Also offered is a subscription plan called GC lab that, for $37 per month with a $1 sign-up fee and three-day free trial, gives subscribers access to all the trainings Green CulturEd offers. Green CulturEd calls their affiliate program the Cannabis Ambassador Program. It pays a 60-percent commission on all sales, including $350 per student you sign up for the Master Grower Certification program. The program offers performance-based incentives and bonuses. Cookies last 365 days and affiliates get a dedicated online ambassador manager with real-time reporting and analytics and customized marketing materials, including custom landing pages.

Atmos RX

Atmos RX sells sells e-liquids, vaporizers and vaporizer accessories, batteries and attachments. The Atmos RX affiliate program pays a 30-percent commission. Cookies last 45 days and payments are made via PayPal within 15 days of any purchase you refer. Affiliates get free access to a library of banner and links for online promotions and promotional materials for offline promotions. An automated banner selector helps you pick the perfect ad for any situation, and you can even have custom banners and web content made. The Atmos RX affiliate dashboard offers rich affiliate management, stats and reporting features.

Nugg MD

Nugg MD is a California medical and adult-use marijuana free delivery service, offering thousands of cannabis products from over 300 area dispensaries throughout the Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County and Inland Empire areas. The Nugg MD affiliate program, called the Nugg Ambassador program, provides participants with a $20 coupon to offer prospective customers for their first order. Ambassadors then receive a flat rate of $10 for each coupon redeemed. You’ll also receive $50 for every new Ambassador you sign up who then refers five coupon code redemptions. Payouts are issued biweekly through PayPal.

Green Goddess Supply

Green Goddess Supply sells cannabis smoking and vaping devices and accessories, including dugouts, glass and metal pipes, grinders, oil and wx tools, wooden sifter boxes, titanium nails and more. The Green Goddess Supply affiliate program offers a scaled commission rate of 10-20 percent based on sales volume. The program runs on the ShareASale affiliate platform. Create custom links, even tiny or vanity URLs.

Central Vapors

Central Vapors sells e-liquids, including over 150 premium eliquid blends and vape flavors, and vaping devices, supplies and accessories, including vape mods, tanks and DIY supplies. The Central Vapors affiliate program pays a commission of 25-40 percent on all sales.

Buy Weed Online

At over five years old, BuyWeedOnline is the oldest online marijuana dispensary still in operation in Canada. Commonly known as McChronalds, BuyWeedOnline sells marijuana buds and related cannabis products, including extracts, hash, edibles, vape cartridges and cannabis soap. The BuyWeedOnline affiliate program pays a commission of 10 percent on all sales.

How to Grow Weed

How to Grow Weed sells guide called Growing Elite Marijuana promising the best cannabis growing system in the world. Through the Growing Elite Marijuana Affiliate Program, you’ll earn a 57-percent commission, or $32.49, for each sales of the guide you refer. The company offer online and physical promotions you can use to help market the product. The company now sells Ryan Riley’s Bud Beacon LED grow lights, available in 400w, 500w, 1200w and 1800w models, and offers affiliates the same commission rate on referred sales of those products. Payouts are made monthly through PayPal.

Namaste Vapes

Namaste Vapes sells vaporizers, bongs, grinders, rosin and vaping accessories. The Namaste Vapes affiliate program pays between 10 and 15 percent on all sales. Additionally, affiliates receive a $10 bonus on their third sale. You’ll get access to real-time analytics on sales and traffic data, a dedicated support team, regular product updates and a data feed with a full updated product catalogue. You’ll also get a range of promotional tools including banners, web content and sales promotions. Payouts are made automatically by direct bank deposit on the 20th of each month.

Super Closet

Super Closet sells a range of proprietary grow cabinets and portable customizable tent-like grow rooms for growing your own marijuana. They also sell grow lights, hydroponics systems and equipment and a nine-episode Grow Like a SuperPro video series. The Super Closet affiliate program pays a 10-percent commission on every sale. Cookies last 60 days. Affiliates get daily access to support their a dedicated affiliate manager.

Everyone Does It

One of the biggest online head shops serving the US and UK, EveryoneDoesIt sells a full range of smoking and vaping supplies and accessories, including vaporizers, pipes, bongs, rolling papers, grinders and oils. The EveryoneDoesIt affiliate program runs on the ShareASale platform and pays commissions not only for generating sales but for generating leads and clicks as well. The basic sales commission is 10 percent. Cookies last 15 days. Payouts are made automatically on the 20th of any month in which your account balance reaches at least $50.

Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel sells bongs, vapes, pipes, dab rings and smoking and vaping accessories, including for tools and parts for oils and waxes. The Smoke Cartel affiliate program pays a commission of at least seven percent on every sale and up to 12 percent. As affiliate you’ll get access to an online affiliate portal where you can view a wide range of account information, statistics, reports, payment information, orders and banner ads. Payouts are available via check by mail, wire transfer, store credit gift card and Bitcoin.

Grass City

Grass City is a complete online head shop, selling vaporizers, glass pipes, bubblers, water pipes and bongs, herb grinders, hand pipes, rolling papers and more. The commission rate in the Grass City affiliate program starts at eight percent and increases through a tear of bonuses based on the size of the purchase. Payouts are made on the first week of every month via PayPal or bank transfer. The full-featured Grass City affiliate platform includes metrics, goal-setting and bonus tracking. Affiliates get weekly tips, updated sales information and new promotional materials.


Weedsmart sells cannabis flowers, concentrates and edibles as well as a selection of vaporizers and accessories. The Weedsmart affiliate program pays a 7.5-percent commission on all sales along with a free sample pack worth $100 once you’ve referred at least $100 in sales. Cookies last 30 days. Payouts are offered by e-transfer and as store credit within the first week of every month.


Cannabismo is an online cannabis dispensary in Canada selling flowers, concentrates, CBD, tinctures and topicals as well as vaporizers. The Cannabismo marijuana affiliate program pays a commission of between five and 11 percent based on monthly sales volume. When you advance to a higher tier of commission in a given month, all sales leading up to that increase are also credited at the higher rate. Commissions are only paid for new customers on their first purchase. Subsequent purchases from repeat customers earn no commissions. Cookies last 30 days.

Got Vape

Got Vape sells vaping equipment and supplies, including vaporizers, vape pens, vape mods, e-liquids, tanks and parts. It also sells glass vaping and smoking supplies like glass pipes, bongs and dab and oil rigs. The Got Vape affiliate program pays a 50-percent commission on all referred sales. Payouts are made after a minimum balance of $100 is reached.

THC University

THC University provides training for people involved in the cannabis industry, with a Terpenes course and the following seven certification programs:
  • Budtender Basics.
  • Marijuana 101.
  • Grow Basics.
  • Horticulture Specialist.
  • Cannabis Business.
  • Colorado Safety and Regulations.
  • Washington Safety and Regulations.
THC University also offers monthly, quarterly and semi-annual subscriptions called Professional accounts. Subscribers get access to all course offerings and other benefits as long as their membership remains active. The THC University affiliate program pays a flat $25 commission on all referrals that lead to new paid Professional accounts. In the event that the subject of marijuana affiliate programs is not a fit for your readers there exists CBD affiliate programs you and your readers can benefit from. To learn more read our article “What companies have CBD affiliate programs?”

Are your ready to take the next step towards becoming a cannabis influencer, blogger or ambassador? Would you like to start a brand cannabis affiliate program? Click on one of the options below to learn more.

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